The Ohio Digital Emergency Network ( OHDEN )
The Ohio Digital Emergency Network  ( OHDEN )  

2018 Field Day

During the 2018 ARRL Field Day, our Ohio OHDEN Narrow Band Emergency network
will be QRV from 1800-2400 local, Saturday Evening, on our primary frequency
on 80 meters ( 3584.5 USB up 1500 Hz data center ). This is to support
relay of  SEC/SCM status radio-gramms into the Ohio statewide ARES and NTS
traffic systems. We will primarily be on Olivia 8-500 but will accept
messages in PSK31, RTTY, and MT-63-1000L, and even slow speed CW modes in a
Message Relay Coverage during other Field Day Periods will be possible as
well but we will not necessarily have the net staffed with Net Control
Stations. Feel free to call CQ OHIO FD MSG on our prime frequency if you do
not hear a NCS coordinating the net.
Scott and Stan are normally tied up during the actual FD period so just
check in with one of the closest OHDEN Gateway Stations and they will take
delivery steps from there.  Your FD OPSs can get back to eating hot dogs or
other FD activity.
Remember, these FD messages must leave the FD site via ham RF links only.
OHDEN gateway stations have been asked to also listen on 146.460 or other
established local simplex analog FM channels for FD participants not having
a NBEMS data station. We also expect all inducted traffic to come from
sources free from Internet or repeater assisted links.  Other ARRL rules and
suggestions are included in Section 7.3.5 of the 2018 FD packet and in the
STM's suggestion in last weeks FD instructions.  We appealed to the ARRL
contest folks last year to allow alternate message formats such as ICS forms
for the SITREPS but were turned down.  So the rule about radio-gramm format
only still stands.  Our standard OHDEN messaging software FLDIGI/FLMSG
supports the radiogram form  or feel free to use a facsimile of the format
Dave Maynard suggested for the NTS folks.  In other words messages in
informal non conforming formats and fields can not be accepted.  It is good
practice for all to get this practice at least once a year.
We realize that most stations are accustomed to introduce their messages
into the Ohio Single Side Band net and OHDEN  offers this alternate method
only to test alternate tools that could be used in a widespread EMCOM
condition in Ohio.  OHDEN is  trying to augment the OHIO  voice system,
concentrating mostly on inter-district ARES to ARES traffic and not trying
to duplicate anything that OHSSBN  currently provides.
Latest information on OHDEN FD plan  is available on http://www.facebook
com/groups/ohden.  There is also a sign up sheet for NCS stations and Gateways.


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