The Ohio Digital Emergency Network ( OHDEN )
The Ohio Digital Emergency Network  ( OHDEN )  

OHDEN will be operating in Black Swan-17 this year. As a minimum we will operate fully staffed during the SET period October 7-8. We can make this cookie cutter check the box exercise or something that really challenges our mission readiness to move traffic between county and state EOCs and Red Cross units. There is a template attachment on Matt's website that I will complete with the assistance of KD8TTE.

Sounds like it will be a good exercise. We will post links to OHDEN "EXPLAN" as soon as we get a better idea of how we can be of most help. I have decided to defer our new quick check in test until after Black Swan. We will operate pretty much per our existing SOG. As always, I solicit ideas and Principle Operators for Keeping OHDEN QRV as the plan dictates. There are also posts on this timeline that allow you to sign up for supporting the traffic for that event.


You can find more of the dynamic info on our FACEBOOK group (  ) since it is much easier to keep up to date minute by minute.


We will hold special nightly sessions of our net from Oct 1-6 and  9-15 at regular time and frequency of 3585.000 USB plus 1000 Hz data carrier offset using standard mode of Olivia 8-500.  If we have a chance we will check out MT-63-1000L if paths allow it. 


We will announce the schedulee for the " intense action" on Friday evening Oct 6 depending on directions from our Exercise Controller.


We encourage each county to have at least one OHDEN station available for interface between that Counties local events and the Mission Controller and/or State EMA HQ on OHDEN. 


This is an excellent place to practice sending some radiogramms which is a major objective.


We also encourage members having connections to other statewide nets ( such as winlink, ohssbn, DMR talk groups, etc, to list that when checking in.


Please volunteer for one of the time slots /  functions on the FACEBOOK  poll.


73    or 7403987594     voice or text for OHDEN related questions.


Have fun and demonstrate what we can do when all else is failing.





4 September 2017—We are delighted to have your organization participate in BLACK SWAN 17. This “Info Packet” directs you to everything that you need to plan your local Simulated Emergency Test (SET) and to participate in the wider…
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