The Ohio Digital Emergency Network ( OHDEN )
The Ohio Digital Emergency Network  ( OHDEN )  

Field Day 2017

Once again, OHDEN will be available to Ohio teams in the field to relay their Field Day Situation Reports (FD-SITREPS) to our SEC or SCM in digital NBEMS format.  We will be creating a streamlined ( in the spirit of ARL-xx radiogramms)  ICS-213 Template form to make this status report as efficient as possible in NBEMS digital mode. Check our files folder closer to Field Day for this template and how to use it with FLMSG.  This template is currently under review by Ohio ARRL management team for acceptability in meeting the ARRL definition of "standard". Other less efficient forms will also be accepted as long as the minimum information requested by the ARRL rules is contained.  At this time, any submission to ARRL contesting as part of the post contest package must have the information translated to the old Radiogram form. Due to potential traffic volume, users are requested to submit digitally if at all possible.




80 meters   ( 8PM - Midnight )   June 24  on 3585.000 KHz USB Data carrier at 1000 Hz . Olivia 8-500 mode.  We will also monitor for PSK31 - PSK63 at a waterfall frequency of 2100-2500 Hz during this period for stations without Olivia capability.





Here are the official rules for the FD message from ARRL.


Para 7.3.5     100 bonus points for origination of a formal

message to the ARRL Section Manager or Section Emergency Coordinator by your group from its site. You should include the club name, number of participants, Field Day location, and number of ARES operators involved with your station.
            The message must be transmitted during the Field Day period and a
            copy of it  must be included in your submission in standard ARRL
      radiogram or no credit will be given. The message must leave or enter the
      Field Day site via Amateur Radio RF.

73 and have fun on Field Day.


W5UHQ,   OHDEN Net Manager




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