The Ohio Digital Emergency Network ( OHDEN )
The Ohio Digital Emergency Network  ( OHDEN )  

The Ohio Digital Emergency Network ( OHDEN) amateur radio operators are highly-trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of our mission.

Our Team

Gary Harbaugh ( NJ8BB )


Assistant to Ohio Section Emergency Coordinatior


Coordinates all OHIO Digital Programs for ARES. Develops and studies alternative frequencies, modes, and operational techniquies to maximize network effectiveness.  Works with DECs and ECs to help them develop local liasons with the network. Gary also serves as NCS on first Tuesday of each month.

Eldon Peterson ( W5UHQ )

Net Manager


Manages the day to day operations of the OHDEN.  Provides training and assignments to Net Control Operators and members, manages web site and FACEBOOK Group page as a communication medium for group training and mission coordination. The Net manager compiles net statistics but does not track individual participation via CONNECT.  That reporting is done with your local EC or DEC. Eldon also serves as NCS for fourth Tuesdays and fifth when applicable.


Net Control Rotation as of 25 Feb, 2019.


VACANT     TBD                      First  Tuesday and Sunday    ( Need a volunteer )

WB8PMG    Dave Robinson    Second  Sunday or Tuesday of Month

N8BBL        Gary Harbaugh    Third  Sunday or Tuesday of Month


Any member who has checked into the net two  or more times is welcome to become part of the NCS rotation.  Procedures

for NTS are contained in the SOG   Practice as NCS is critical for actual emergencies.  When scheduled NCS does not come on frequency within ten minutes of start time, and you feel you have a decent signal, go ahead and make a call and record who did show up.




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